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Mini Tumbled Clear Quartz

Mini Tumbled Clear Quartz

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Clear Quartz is just that - clear - however it can have areas of cloudiness within it - especially in its raw form. It is a very versatile crystal that can be used in lieu of any stone, and is also used to enhance other stones energies when using together. 

Specifically the properties of Clear Quartz are:

  • Helps gain clarity
  • Assists with manifestations
  • Amplifies intentions
  • Energy Regulator 
  • Attraction
  • Prosperity
  • Considered a master healing stone
  • Helps rid negative energy
  • Enhance psychic abilities
  • Align the mind, body, and soul

    Clear Quartz is connected to the Crown Chakra, and all Elements. Size:10-30g

*Please note, stones are natural - slight variances in size, shape, color, and weight will occur.*

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