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Dragons Blood Resin 1 oz

Dragons Blood Resin 1 oz

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Dragon's Blood brings forth powerful protection and potency.
Can also be used to attract love, to balance yang or male energies, and to restore male potency. Burning dragon's blood purifies and clears stagnant energy, and enhances success and wealth.

  • Our resins are 100% natural tree sap gum extract ethically sourced from forests where these trees grow and thrive naturally in abundance.
  • The most common way to use resin is to burn it on a piece of charcoal. However, if you want a more subtle and longer lasting fragrance, we suggest you crush the resin and heat it in oil diffuser with some unscented oil.
  • Resin has been used for ages in almost all cultures and religions across the world for removal of negative energies and provide protection. It also creates a soothing relaxing and calming atmosphere appropriate for meditation, rituals, or  yoga.
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