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Butterfly Pea - 5g
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Butterfly Pea - 5g

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Echo's Botanicals & Herbs - Butterfly Pea - 5g Pouch

Butterfly Pea Flower is ruled by the Planet Venus, the Element of Water, and is connected with the feminine energies. Its properties include areas of: Love, Emotions, Serenity, Protection, and Transformation. 

Butterfly Pea is perfect for spell workings of: Love, Sexuality, and Fertility. It can also be used for it transformation properties is spell work that involve releasing any blockages, especially pertaining to sexual energies. 

Butterfly Pea will also add Power to any spells related to wanting a change in your life. 

All Botanicals and Herbs from the “Echo’s Botanicals and Herbs” are meant to be used in spell jars/workings, soaps, candles, or other decor. Please do not ingest them! 

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