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The Calm - WitchaliTEA

The Calm - WitchaliTEA

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This herbal tea blend has a white tea base which has a mild gental flavor. White tea is known to help lower high blood pressure and maintain a healthy one.

Peppermint adds a soothing effect that can help with your digestive system, while bringing in prosperity and growth. Skullcap helps relieve anxiety and depression while promoting tranquility and peace.

Chamomile also reduces anxiety, adds purification while it invites relaxation. Lavender is a natural remedy for pain and balances mind, body & soul.

All blended with purpose to create The Calm WitchaliTEA!

Steep It! Sip It! Enter WitchaliTEA!

All ingredients contained are 100% organic teas, herbs & botanicals.
Please consult your physician before ingesting any herbal products.
Use of this product is not a supplement for health related issues.

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