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Heart Beat - WitchaliTEA

Heart Beat - WitchaliTEA

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This herbal tea blend has a green tea base which has a soft leafy flavor. Green tea is known to help promote a healthy heart and overall brain function.

Rose buds reduce inflamation, fights sickness and encourages healthy skin. They are powerful in love, compassion, & raising energies. Hibiscus can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, it can also attract love, and motivate your passion. Jasmine can lower heart disease risk & keeps heart cells healthy, it provides confidence, love, attraction, & beauty.

All blended with purpose to create Heart Beat WitchaliTEA

Steep It! Sip It! Enter WitchaliTEA 

All ingredients contained are 100% organic teas, herbs & botanicals.
Please consult your physician before ingesting any herbal products.
Use of this product is not a supplement for health related issues.

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