Witches for Unity and Community

Witches for Unity and Community

Merry meet to all my Sister Witches and Brother Warlocks.

In a time when our communities, our cities, our states, and our country are so divided, I felt it was important for us to stand united. For us Witches, Warlocks, Rootworkers, Spiritualist, Brujas, Shamans, and every other practitioner to come together, to do what we can to help bring Justice, Equality, Peace, and Unity back to our homes!

I invite you to join Witches around the world to cast our spells with true intentions, pure in heart, to bring forth healing and love for all.

Below I have included two practical spells I think will help with this intention. We are all witches, and may practice differently, but the overall goal remains the same. Please do what you feel will work best for how you practice your craft.

The first uses the power of the sun and it's light to bring justice and equality to our communities, and end the hate and fighting.

You will need the following items: A sunny day, a gold/yellow candle, and a glass of orange juice - or other golden/yellow colored drink of your choice.

When the sun is shining high and bright, go outside to absorb the light. Light the candle and hold it in your hands, feel the warmth of the sun around you, feel the energy of its light fill the candle. Think about what your intentions are...allow the sun to surround you with it's positive light to bring justice, peace, and unity. Now set the candle down in a safe place, and allow it to go out on it's own. Next, lift your drink to the sky, allow the sun to shine on it, and say...

"Power of the Sun, Force of the light; Make our future strong and bright; We are all human with equal right; Force out the hate and stop the fight"

Now drink the juice (or other drink you have), and place the candle somewhere centrally located within your local community.

The second is a spell to bring unity back to our community;

You will need the following items: A blue piece of paper, a pen, and a white candle.

On the piece of paper write down the name of the community, city, state, or country  you are sending unity to. Fold the paper 3 times and place it under the candle. Light the candle and say the following three times...

"Healing, wisdom, and unity; Blessings for this community; Rid us of the negativity; I send this healing gift from me"

Allow some of the wax from the candle to drip on the paper, and allow the candle to go out on its own (safely). When the candle's flame has gone out, bury the paper in the ground. Centrally located within your local community would be best, however your back yard or anywhere you can use the Earth's soil to cover it will work. If you still have the candle after the flame has gone out, you can light it every night repeating the mantra above, and envisioning the paper you buried, and allowing the candle to go out on it's own. You will continue this with the candle until the candle has completely melted. 

I hope you will join me and Witches across the globe to help do our part in bringing forth PEACE. 

Blessed Be 

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This is so wonderful. I shall get right on.
Blessed be.🧹

Regina Severance

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