What Is Grounding???

What Is Grounding???

Some of you may have read a blog about how to perform a spell or ritual and thought...."What is grounding?" No - it's not the form of punishment, we're talking about connecting with the Earth! 

Grounding, or some call it Earthing, is a form of connecting your energies with the energies from the Earth. Before preforming a spell or ritual, we ground ourselves with the Earth as a way to build up the energies needed for casting the spell, or preforming the ritual. It's a form of asking the Earth to assist you with the energy you need. 

When you have completed the spell or ritual, it is also important to ground yourself again. Reconnecting with the Earth to give back the energies that were provided to you. A lot of times, if you fail to ground yourself after you have preformed the spell or ritual you will feel depleted, exhausted, or very anxious. These feelings are due to all the built up energies that have not been returned after they have served their purpose. 

There are many ways to ground yourself, many different methods people use. Some are very simple, some are a little more complex, Most importantly, the method you choose will depend on whats most comfortable for you, and how you feel the most connected to the Earth. To learn about a few different methods, watch for our blog in Little Bit of Witchery. 

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