Litha - Summer Solstice

Litha - Summer Solstice

Litha - Summer Solstice. YES! Summer is upon us!!!

Summer Solstice happens twice a year - once in each hemisphere. For the Northern Hemisphere it happens in June, typically between the 20th and the 23rd.  For the Southern Hemisphere it happens in December, between the 20th and 23rd.  The day in which the Summer Solstice occurs fluctuates between those dates due to the slight imperfections of the Gregorian Calendar. It will be on the day when the Sun reaches the highest most northern point in the sky. Which in turn equals the  longest day, and shortest night of the year. This year it is on June 20th, 2020.

Many witches, cultures, and religions celebrate Summer Solstice - some recognizing it as mid-summer, others the start of summer. It is celebrated by many through festivals or rituals. At this time we recognize and honor the power of the Sun that has fueled our crops for the growing season. At this point our crops, fields, and forests are in full bloom manifesting life, and new growth. 

As we recognize and thank the Sun for it’s much needed warmth and energy, we utilize the element of fire to do so. It is vary common practice during the celebration to have a bonfire, or to have a candle lit the entire day to honor the sun. Making sure the festivities and/or rituals happen when the sun is at its highest point in the day - typically around the noon hour. 

How you choose to celebrate Summer Solstice can be minimal or elaborate.  Some will dress for the day and wear clothes of certain colors and/or do their make up in colors that honor the sun and help draw its energy - like yellow, or orange. Some will have an outside picnic, or go swimming - basking in the sun, and eating the fruits and veggies of the season. Some will go on a walk to embrace all the beauty the Sun has given to us leaving offerings of fruits, or collecting the gifts being provided such as stones, sticks, or feathers that are found along the way. Others will have all day long festivities with feasts of seasonal foods, bonfires, and preform rituals or spells, singing, dancing, and chanting to honor the sun.

Rituals during Summer Solstice are plentiful, however very commonly you will find this is a great time for certain types of spells or rituals to occur - mainly ones that focus on using the Sun's power and energy. A lot of people will work with the Sun to set their own manifestations and bring them into fruition. This is also a common time to cast spells of fertility, or for situations that require masculine energy (something needing to be fired up, or charged to move forward). 

Altars are commonly decorated with what the Sun’s power has now provided to us. Using fresh flowers, fruits, and leaves, such as Oak or Holly. Candles that represent the colors of summer (yellow, red, gold, and green), and the Sun Tarot Card are also commonly set out to honor the Sun during the Summer Solstice. 

However you choose to celebrate Summer Solstice, remember to choose warmth and positivity!






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