Grounding Techniques

Grounding Techniques

So, you've heard of grounding and understand what it is, and why it's done, but you are still wondering what techniques or methods you can use to do it. I have compiled a few different techniques you can try. It's important to remember we are all different, some techniques will work well with you, others you may find do not achieve the goal intended for you personally. Finding what works best for you, what allows you to feel and visualize the energy exchange or cleansing is vital to being successful in grounding.

The reason for grounding is important as well, are you grounding to cleanse yourself of negative energies? Or, are you grounding to cast a spell, or perform a ritual where you need to build up energies? When you are grounding, it is best to be outside with the elements, however you can definitely complete a grounding session anywhere; outside, in your home/apartment, at the office, in you car, or wherever you may be when you feel you need to ground yourself. 

Grounding for Cleansing Your Energies

This form of grounding or earthing is fairly simple and only take a few minutes. You may want to do this when you are feeling negative, agitated, anxious, nervous, or irritable. When we cleanse our energies we are using the Earth as a neutralizer, or filter. We give the Earth our negative energies, she neutralizes them and gives the energy back positively charged. 

To do this form of grounding, go outside or to a quiet area where you will be undisturbed. Close your eyes and feel and hear the surrounding elements, the grass beneath your feet, the wind blowing, the sun or moon shining on you. Or imagine yourself in a place where you hear and feel these elements. Focus on breathing, inhaling and exhaling for a few minutes. Now, imagine your negative energy forming a ball, and moving from your crown area down your spine and exiting through your feet into the Earth. Continue to focus on your breathing for a few minutes while the Earth is cleansing those energies. After a few minutes of deep breaths, visualize the ball of energy moving back up through your feet, up the spine, and into your crown. Feel the restored positive energy filling up your body. Take a few more deep breaths and you are done - you have grounded and cleansed your energies.

Grounding for Spell Casting or Rituals

This form of grounding requires a little more attention, as we are asking the Earth to use her energy to assist us in our works. When preforming a spell or ritual we will ground ourselves twice. Once before preforming or casting the spell, and again once it is completed. The first grounding session we are asking the Earth for her assistance to provide the energy needed, we are essentially borrowing this energy. The second session of grounding we are returning the Earth's energy back to her and thanking her for what was provided. Please remember the second form of grounding and returning the energy is very important. If you fail to do this, you may feel depleted, lack energy or unmotivated. 

Golden Cord Technique (Before)

With this method we are drawing the energy directly from the Earth's core. This will build up enough energy for the spell or ritual you plan to work. Again, as always doing this outside is best, but most certainly can happen indoors as well.  Choose an area that you are comfortable in, where you will not be disturbed from the start of the first grounding session, during the casting, and upon completion of grounding. Your focus and attention are required to be successful with this form of grounding, as well as casting spells, or preforming rituals.

Once you have a set location, and have prepared your area with your needed tools, find a place to sit and get settled in. Focus on breathing, and feeling your lungs and belly expand while inhaling, and contract while exhaling. Now visualize a golden cord intertwined with your spine extend down into the Earth's Core. When you feel you have reached the core of the Earth, focus on your intention, the need for the energy draw, the result you would like from the spell or ritual. Ask the Earth to provide you with the energy needed. Continue focusing on your breathing, and feeling your lungs and belly expand and contract. Visualize the golden cord illuminating as it moves from the Earth's core back up through your spine. Some people may feel a very warm feeling entering their body as this the energies enter, or feel and become full of energy and power. When you feel you have absorbed all the energy provided, take a few more deep breaths and you are completed! Then continue on with casting your circle and and working your spell or ritual!

Returning Earth Energies (After)

After you have completed your spell or ritual, you will need to give back the energies provided to you, and cleanse your own energies to balance. To return the energy, start in a kneeling position and focus again on breathing, feeling the energy inside you build up. When you feel it is all "bundled" and ready to go back lean forward with your forehead on the ground as well as the palms of your hands touching the ground. Visualize the energy leaving you through your crown and entering the Earth to be neutralized and stored in the core. After all the energy has been given back to the Earth continue to focus on breathing, you may lift your head at this point, however leave your palms to ground. Thank the Earth, and ask her to return and restore your energy. Visualize this energy entering back into your palms. Take a few more deep breaths, and you are done! You have returned the Earth's energy, and cleansed your energy!


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This was amazing and very helpful! Thank you for sharing 🙏

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amazing information! Thank you


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