Full Moon Cleansing and Charging Chakra Ritual

Full Moon Cleansing and Charging Chakra Ritual

When the moon is full, its powers are plentiful. It reaches its maximum potential on the night of the actual full moon, however the moon's powers are still strong two days before this and two days after. This ritual in particular provides two services, the first is cleansing and/or clearing your stones and chakras, the second is to help charge them with the power of the moons energy.

Before and after any ritual or spell you are casting, be sure to ground yourself.  To learn more about what grounding is check out our blog in Witchformation. To learn about different grounding techniques check out our blog in Little Bit Of Witchery.

Full Moon Cleansing and Charging Chakra Ritual

You will need the following:

1- Full Moon and a clear night,
2- Set of Chakra stones
3 - White Candle

1) On a clear night with the full moon (or 2 days before/after), after you have grounded yourself go outside to an area where you have clear sight of the moon. Light your candle and hold it up to the moon's light.

2) Imagine the moon moving closer to you, envision it getting bigger and bigger, and say to the moon, "It's time to release all negativity - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I ask for the moon's energy of positivity to fill my soul, and charge my stones". Set the candle down with the flame still going, in a safe place.

3) Then starting with the Root Chakra and stone. Hold the stone to the moons light, imagine a ball of red light forming at the base of your spine, traveling up all the way through your crown, passing through the stone and entering the moon light. Imagine that color shining so bright it fills up the moonlight.

4) Now visualize the moon sending back this brilliantly colored ball of energy, sending the energy passing through the stone, entering you crown, and traveling back down your spine to its location.

5) You will repeat steps 3 & 4 for each Chakra, and stone.

6) When you have received all the energy for each Chakra, take a few minutes to breath...inhale...exhale... Allow the moons light to shine on you and her energies to fill you up. Then visualize the moon moving back into the sky, allowing it to return to its place. 

7) Pick up the candle, and again hold it to the moon, thank the moon by saying, "I send my thanks and appreciation to the moon for using your energies to cleanse and charge my stones, and fill my soul with positivity".  You can then allow your candle to burn completely or the flame to go out on it's own (in a safe location), or extinguish the flame with a candle snuffer...tip do not blow out the flame...

Now your Chakras have been cleansed and balanced, and your stones have been charged. They are ready to be used for the next month!  

Blessed Be                          

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