Daily Chakra Meditation

Daily Chakra Meditation

A quick early morning meditation always helps me start my day feeling positive, refreshed, and ready to be productive. Adding in this quick Daily Chakra Meditation to my current morning meditation has helped me feel even better, more balanced, more open to new ideas, and even more healthy!

With this meditation I use the mantra associated with each Chakra. If you currently have a daily meditation, you can just add the Mantra during your breathing exercises. If you currently don't have a daily meditation see the steps below to prepare your space and complete the meditation. 

1) First, you will want to find an area you are comfortable in, one that you will not be disturbed, and where you can sit at ease for a minimum of 10 minutes. 

2) Cleanse your space, I prefer to use Sage, or Palo Santo - however there are several other cleansing techniques if you choose. 

3) Light a white candle, (you can also turn on relaxing sounds if you choose) 

4) Hold a Clear Quartz in your hands, sit, relax, and focus on breathing for a few minutes. 

5) State each mantra for its associated Chakra, starting from the Root Chakra (Mantra "Lam") and ending with the Crown Chakra (Mantra "None - just silence"). As you say the Mantra imagine a ball or sphere of light, or a flower the color of that specific Chakra opening up at its location on the spine, feel the energy flowing freely from this Chakra before moving on to the next Chakra. Example, starting at the Root Chakra, you will say "Lam" and imagine a red ball of light, or red flower opening up at the base of your spine - it's location, and feeling the energy flow freely. You will then move onto the Sacral Chakra, saying the mantra "Vam" and imagining an orange ball of light or flower opening at its location on the spine, and so on until you reach the Crown Chakra. 

6) Once you reach the Crown Chakra, rest here for a couple minutes focusing on breathing...inhale...exhale...while allowing the energies to flow freely throughout all Chakras. 

7) When you are at peace, you will do the above steps again, only in reverse. Starting from the Crown Chakra being silent, and imagining the ball of light or flower closing before moving down onto the next Chakra. When you reach the Root Chakra - rest here for a few minutes, again focusing on breathing...inhale...exhale. Then you can extinguish your candle.

Opening Mantras: Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Om, 

Closing Mantras: Om, Ham, Yam, Ram, Vam, Lam

Blessed Be


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Wow, such amazing inspiring information. Great steps and tools for beginners like myself. I enjoy the educational blogs. Thank you


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