Balancing Chakras with Herbs

Balancing Chakras with Herbs

If you've read our blog about herbs "Getting to Know Herbs" in Witchformation, you already have an idea of some herbs that are used to balance each Chakra. We use herbs to help increase the energy for our intentions during spell works, rituals, and meditations.

When balancing a Chakra, or several to all Chakras be sure to include its associated herbs. The method you use to balance each Chakra will depend on if your intention is to balance one or several. 

When you feel you have one Chakra that seems to need a little more attention to balance, you could create an elixir or a tea using that Chakras associated herbs. 
Word of Caution: When you are ingesting any herbs, be sure to research the herb to confirm it is ok to ingest. Some herbs are poisonous such as Lilly of the Valley, you want to make sure what you are putting into your body will not harm you. 

Create an Elixir 

To create an elixir you will need a few items; alcohol/spirits (at least 80 proof), herbs associated with the Chakra of your intention (researched and ok to ingest), a glass jar with lid (such as a mason jar), a sweetener (such as honey, maple syrup, or agave would work), and cheesecloth to strain. 

  • 1st, Cleanse the jar - a quick salt bath and rinse will do the trick
  • 2nd, Prepare your herbs, chop or crush them into small pieces, and place them in the jar (you'll want about a teaspoon full of each herb, and a minimum of 3 herbs associated with that chakra, can use fresh or dried)
  • 3rd, Add 1 cup of  alcohol/spirts of your choice (Vodka works well, add a little extra if using fresh herbs) 
  • 4th, Add 1/2 cup of sweetener 
  • 5th, Close the lid and vigorously shake the jar, store in a cool dark place for about 2 weeks. Remember to shake the jar a few times each week.
  • 6th, After 2 weeks has passed give the jar one last shake open the lid and cover the jar with the cheesecloth. Pour the liquid into a freshly cleansed mason jar. Squeeze any excess liquid from the herbs in the cheesecloth into the jar as well. Put the lid on the jar and Viola - an elixir to help balance a specific chakra.

When you have completed the elixir, remember to label it with the Chakra it is for, and add a date. The alcohol and sweetener are preservatives, however I typically discard any unused elixir after about 3 months. You will take 1 tablespoon a day until you feel you have balanced this chakra, remember to either state an associated mantra after consuming the elixir, or think deeply of your intention. It is ok to add the elixir to a bottle of water, or other drink as well. 

Make a Tea

Making a tea to help balance a Chakra is a lot less time consuming, and can start helping the day you make it. While this method is much faster, keep in mind that you will be drinking the whole cup, so you want to be aware of the herbs you choose, and your taste palate. Again - because you are ingesting these herbs, be sure to research the herbs you choose, as some herbs are poisonous! You only need a few items, Dried Herbs associated with the specific Chakra you are balancing, A stainless steel mesh tea ball, or other tea steeper, A teacup or coffee mug filled with 8 ounces of hot water, and a sweetener of your choice if you choose.

  • 1st -Prepare your herbs, gather the chosen herbs associated with the Chakra to be balanced. (2 or more herbs) As you are mixing the herbs together state an associated mantra, or focus on your intention.
  • 2nd - Add a pinch at  a time of the herb mixture to the mesh tea ball, or tea steeper, (total 1 tablespoon of herbal mixture) each time stating the mantra or intention.
  • 3rd - Slowly fill the cup with 8 ounces or 1 cup of hot water. As the water pours into the cup, envision the associated color for the Charka flowing with the water and filling the cup.
  • 4th - Place your herbal tea mixture in the cup and allow it to steep for a few minutes. 
  • 5th - After a few minutes, you can remove the herbal mixture from the tea, add the sweetener of your choice, and enjoy.

You will have 1 cup of tea everyday you feel a particular chakra needs to be balanced. If you have any excess of the dried herbal mixture, remember to label it for future use. 

Meditate with an Anointed Candle

Meditation is a great way to help balance Chakras, adding in a dressed or anointed candle increases the energy flow so much more! If you are balancing one particular Chakra, use a colored candle that represents that specific chakra, a dried herb that is associated with that Chakra, and an essential oil associated with that Chakra. If you are balancing all Chakras, use a blend of dried herbs, 1 herb for each Chakra, with a white candle, and extra virgin olive oil.

  • 1st - Choose the candle, color or white
  • 2nd - Prepare your herbs, either pinch and mix a single herb, or combine all herbs and pinch and mix them for a few minutes, while doing this state a mantra or intention for the Chakra/Chakras
  • 3rd - Prepare your candle, rub  the candle with the essential oil or extra virgin olive oil starting from the bottom up to the middle, then the top down to the middle. You can use extra virgin olive oil in replacement of any essential oil as well.
  • 4th - Anoint or dress your candle. Sprinkle the herb, or herbal mixture on all sides of the candle while again stating the mantra or intention. You don't have to go to heavy on the herbs, just be sure the herbs are on all sides and the top of the candle.
  • 5th - Use your anointed candle during your meditation.

 And there you have it! Several ways to help you balance or align a Chakra, or multiple Chakras with the use of herbs.


Blessed Be 




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