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Tiny Palmistry
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Tiny Palmistry

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Book Synopsis

Read your future, add a mystical touch to your home, and learn the art of palm reading with Tiny Palmistry!
This kit includes:

    • Miniature porcelain palm (3-inch height), with key lines (love line, life line) and mounts (Venus, Mercury) marked in purple ink.
    • Clear quartz crystal, for cleansing the palm before conducting a reading.
    • A 48-page miniature book, with a complete introduction to the art of palm reading.
    • A deluxe magnetic closure box.
  • Specifications

    Suggested Age: 22 Years and Up

    Number of Pages: 48

    Format: Paperback

    Series Title: Rp Minis

    Genre: Body + Mind + Spirit

    Sub-Genre: Divination

    Publisher: Rp Minis

    Book theme: Palmistry

    Author: Nikki Van De Car

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