Authentic Witchcraft Supplies || $150+ Ships Free
Authentic Witchcraft Supplies || $150+ Ships Free
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Autumn Tarot Week
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Autumn Tarot Week

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Ready for some Tarot magic?  🌟✨ Picture this: you, sitting in anticipation as our skilled reader shuffles the cards, weaving together a message of insight and guidance. It's like a mystical storytime where the universe spills its secrets just for you. So, why wait? Register today your destiny awaits, one card flip at a time! 🔮🌙💫

Book a session and get a gift bag + a personalized keepsake!
This session lasts 15 minutes.

Featuring: Crystallized Wonder - Sep 20th, 21st, 22nd (Wed, Thu, Fri) 1pm-4pm

Featuring: Regina / Reginas 7 Pillars - Sep 23rd (Sat) 12:00pm-6pm

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