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Scrying Bowl - Maiden Mother Crone

Scrying Bowl - Maiden Mother Crone

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This cast resin scrying bowl depicts the Maiden, Mother and Crone, and is decorated with ornate Celtic knots and twisted vines. The durable, stone-colored finish brings magickal charm to your altar, garden, or any place you might like to scry.

Scrying is the practice of looking into crystal balls, mirrors, water, fire, clouds and many other things to see visions, find messages and gain knowledge. It can be done for personal guidance, for inspiration, to find the answers to questions, to look at distant places or other realms, or for fortune-telling and prophecy. It is a form of divination that taps into our psychic senses and powers of intuition.

Material: Cast resin

Dimensions: Approx. 5.5 inches (diameter), 2.5 inches (height)

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