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Radiant Human - Book

Radiant Human - Book

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Book Synopsis

Radiant Human includes hundreds of Polaroids selected from the author’s vast archives of some 45,000 images she has taken over a six-year period. The book explores the nature of the human aura, and the notion that aura images may not only capture a person’s essence in that moment, but reveal characteristics of their overall disposition. As Lonsdale describes what all the colors suggest, considering their many variations and nuances, and in relationship to each other. To illuminate her discoveries, she shares her subjects’ stories throughout the book, sometimes accompanied by a single shot, other times by a series of images taken over a period of year. She also includes profiles of well-known people she has photographed including Chloë Sevigny, Joseph Altuzarra, Busy Philipps, and SZA. 

Lonsdale makes clear that we are not just physical bodies, but collections of energy as well—giving consideration to the relationship of how we present ourselves to the world and who we are as well as the potential reality of the space in between. Her aura work is a study of humanity, and the energy we radiate and receive—the good, the bad, and the weird vibes—helping us understand better who we are.


Suggested Age: Adult

Number of Pages: 240

Genre: Body + Mind + Spirit

Author: Christina Lonsdale
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