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Authentic Witchcraft Supplies || $150+ Ships Free
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Burn Spell Kits
Burn Spell Kits
Burn Spell Kits
Burn Spell Kits
Burn Spell Kits
Burn Spell Kits
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Burn Spell Kits

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Burn spells should be cast in a well ventilated area, or outdoors as they do generate a lot of smoke.
Each box contains enough for 4-6 burns. 

Light the charcoal disc with a tongs and long extended lighter. (The charcoal disc will spark for a bit, until it is lit)
Then place it in a cauldron or fire safe dish. Place a small amount of the ingredients on the center of the disc. 
Meditate near the spell with the set intention, allow yourself to be open and absorb the essence of each ingredient. 

Lift My Spirits
Benzoin Resin - Alleviates sadness and depression to boost mood, clears negative energy.
St. John's Wort - Acts as a mood stabilizer.
Rose Petals - Promote love and happiness
Peach Blossom - Promote peace and harmony
Intention: Happiness
Includes 2 Charcoal Discs

Pure Soul & Protection
Myrrh Resin - Purification and cleansing, protection, help with healing the mind, body, and soul to bring forth a spiritual balance.
Sage - Clear negative energies, provide protection 
Lavender - Relaxation and calmness of the spirit
Red Plum - Purity and renewal, strength and endurance
Intention: Soul Cleansing & Protection
Includes: 2 Charcoal Discs

Dig Deep Meditation
Copal Resin - Provide deep meditation, cleanse aura, release energy blocks, calms nervous system, and promote intuition.
Peppermint - Enhancement of mental abilities and clarity
Rosemary - Cleanses area, and removes negativity
Mugwort - Protection, increase psychic abilities 
Intention: Deep Meditation & Grounding.
Includes 2 Charcoal Discs

Dragon Protection
Dragons Blood Resin - Increase potency of protection
Dragons Blood Sage - Rid negative and stagnant energy, add protection
Vervain - Protection & Purification
Blessed Thistle - Protection & Blessings

Spiritual & Physical Grounding
Frankincense Resin - Healing your spiritual self, enhance meditation/grounding, Reduce Stress & Tension, Uplift your spirits
Sweet Grass - Remove negative energy, Engage our mind and senses
Yarrow - Cleansing Aura, Increasing psychic abilities
Eucalyptus - Stress reduction, Promote relaxation

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